custom colored glycols
Glycol custom colored
custom colored glycols

Custom Colored Glycols

We are one of the few companies in the country that offer heat transfer fluids in unlimited range of percentages, from 20% through 100%. We can provide you with custom packaging, custom manufacturing and can drop ship anywhere in the country.

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Dowfrost and Dowtherm Generic Equivalents

If you purchase Dowtherm SR-1, Dowfrost, or Dowfrost HD, try our cost effective equivalents. Same quality for a better price.

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Dowfrost and Dowtherm

Dow Heat Transfer Fluids

We offer very competitive pricing on Dowfrost, Dowfrost HD, and Dowtherm SR-1.

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Antifreeze$49.00$58.20hvac techpail-5-gal
Diethylene Glycol$242.05$265.55hvac techcan-47-lb
Dipropylene Glycol$208.00$234.00hvac techpail-5-gal
Dipropylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether (Dipropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether)$391.20$396.00hvac techcan-40-lb
Dowfrost$245.00$1,501.50, hvac techdrum-55-gal pail-5-gal
Dowfrost HD$245.00$1,501.50, hvac techdrum-55-gal pail-5-gal
Dowtherm SR-1$136.00$990.00, hvac techdrum-55-gal pail-5-gal
Ethylene Glycol$30.50$110.08, hvac techpail-5-gal pail-1-gal
Ethylene Glycol W/Inh (with corrosion inhibitors)$65.90$89.90hvac tech5-gal-pail
Glycol Ether DB - Butyl Carbitol™ (Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl)$263.25$311.22hvac techcan-39-lb
Glycol Ether DE-High Gravity$299.20$319.00hvac techcan-44-lb
Glycol Ether DE-Low Gravity$293.92$319.00hvac techcan-44-lb
Glycol Ether DPM Acetate ( Arcosolv DPM Acetate )$367.20$369.60hvac techcan-40-lb
Glycol Ether Eb Acetate (Butyl Cellosove Acetate™)$263.25$311.22hvac techcan-39-lb
Glycol Ether EE (Cellosolve Solvent)$359.48$381.14hvac techcan-38-lb
Glycol Ether EE Acetate Cellosolve Acetate$359.48$388.40hvac techcan-40-lb
Glycol Ether EM-Methyl Cellosolve ( Methoxy Ethanol ) Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether$201.40$232.36hvac techcan-41-lb
Glycol Ether PM Acetate ( Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate )$190.00$220.00hvac techcan-39-lb
Glycol Ether PM Propylene Glycol ( MPM )Monomethyl Ether$153.01$153.65hvac techcan-40-lb
Glycol Ether TPM$290.00$306.80hvac techcan-40-lb
Hexylene Glycol$229.71$241.41hvac techcan-39-lb
Mono Propylene Glycol Normal Butyl Ether (Mono Dipropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether)$395.90$404.04hvac techcan-37-lb
Polyethylene Glycol 300 ( PEG 6 )$500.48$502.32hvac techcan-46-lb
Polyethylene Glycol 400 ( PEG 8 )$417.22$421.82hvac techcan-46-lb
Polyethylene Glycol 600 ( Peg 12 )$543.72$548.32hvac techcan-46-lb
Propylene Glycol Ind$180.30$185.30hvac techpail-5-gal
Propylene Glycol USP$210.00$239.80hvac techpail-5-gal
QC 35 ( Dowfrost Generic ) Inhibited Propylene Glycol Base Heat Transfer Fluid$150.65$161.00hvac techpail-5-gal
QC-1 EG Inhibited$88.80$605.00, hvac techdrum-55-gal pail-5-gal
QC-35 PG Inhibited$113.85$824.25, hvac techdrum-55-gal pail-5-gal
QC1 ( Dowtherm Generic ) Inhibited Ethylene Glycol Base Heat Transfer Fluid$101.00$119.90hvac techdrum-55-gal
Tripropylene Glycol (TPG)$351.74$360.34hvac techcan-43-lb

Pipe Volumes

Steel/PVC SCHD 40

Pipe Size


0.50 in. 0.016 gals
0.75 in 0.028 gals
1.00 in. 0.045 gals
1.25 in. 0.078 gals
1.50 in. 0.106 gals
2.00 in 0.174 gals
2.50 in. 0.248 gals
3.00 in. 0.384 gals
4.00 in. 0.650 gals
5.00 in. 0.816 gals
6.00 in. 1.500 gals
8.00 in. 2.600 gals
10.00 in. 4.080 gals
12.00 in. 5.870 gals