Founded in 1971, we are part of the Family of Companies which includes, Quaker City Chemicals, QC Lubricants, Bio Clinical Laboratories, Bowmell Central Penn Chemicals, and Harper Chemical.

We are a leading supplier of technical grade chemicals, high purity lab chemicals, and lab supplies, reagents, and organic and inorganic chemicals.

With Quaker City Chemicals as its sister company, was an early adapter in the chemical industry’s migration to the internet. Quaker City Chemicals had been a leading supplier for thirty years when this internet migration took place.

Our supply model to you, our customer, is to create a “One Stop Shop” for chemicals and related supplies.

The customer is our first corporate responsibility, and we will work with you individually to satisfy any of your specific needs. We retain many customers from the 1970’s. This begins with our relationship with our customer experience, and extends to our employees.

Quaker City Chemicals Inc. is committed to meeting principles of Responsible DistributionSM.
Our internal mission is “Creating Solutions.” Our specialty is our ability to accommodate your chemical needs, with any container size, with any particular chemical or mixture. Our focus is always the customer.

Management includes:

Lee Metzman: President

Maria Dorval: Internet Marketing Director / Webmaster

Lindsay Romero: Customer Service-

Lee Metzman

Mr. Lee Metzman is President of The Family of Companies. Mr. Metzman is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining Quaker City Chemicals, Mr. Metzman enjoyed his position in the Institutional Equity Department at Lehman Bros., Kuhn Loeb in New York.

We are one of the few companies in the country who can offer heat transfer fluids in unlimited range of percentages, from 20% through 100%. We can provide you with custom packaging, custom manufacturing and can drop ship anywhere in the country.

Thanks for reading, and as always, we appreciate your business.

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